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Looking to spice things up in the bedroom? Tantric sex is an amazing way to reconnect with your partner and is a sure-fire way to have an incredible orgasm.

Tantra (Sanskrit: तन्त्र; literally “loom, weave”) denotes the esoteric traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism that co-developed most likely about the middle

Tantric sex is a GREAT way to get closer than ever to your partner. Get started with these reads that’ll show you how to have tantric sex.

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Neotantra, navatantra (Sanskrit: नव, nava ‘new’) or tantric sex, is the modern, western variation of tantra often associated with new religious movements.

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Human sexuality & gender topics Tantric sex in its Eastern & Western forms. Sponsored link. Overview: Tantric sex exists in two main forms:

Philosophy of Tantra, Tantric Sex: Discussion of the meaning of ‘Tantra’ (to weave, web) and the Tantric philosophy of All is One and interconnected, sex is a sacred

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What Is Tantric Sex? Tantric sex is an ancient Eastern spiritual practice that is meant to broaden one’s consciousness and to connect the polar masculine and

For one thing, tantric practices go way beyond sex. Different forms of tantra can be found in Hinduism and Buddhism, and it’s been practiced for thousands of years.

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The truth about tantric sex is even hotter than we thought.

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If you’re interested in trying Tantric sex, here are four easy techniques for beginners looking to achieve the heightened intimacy that goes along with Tantra.

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