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The Grey Cup (French: Coupe Grey) is the name of both the championship game of the Canadian Football League (CFL) and the trophy awarded to the victorious team

May 08, 2011 · Sheb Wooley released music and performed as Ben Colder as well as under his own name. Wooley had intended to record the song “Don’t Go Near The Indians

Eskimos Prove An All-Meat Diet Provides Excellent Health News You Can Use. Adventures in Diet Part 1. By Vilhjalmur Stefansson Harper’s Monthly Magazine, November 1935.

P-CAN, Pacific-Canadian Association of Nudists is a gay nudist group in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Join our monthly gay nude dance (Naked Heaven Party).

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Streaking is the act of running naked through a public place as a prank, a dare, for publicity or an act of protest. It is often associated with sporting events but

Jun 18, 2007 · Despite the frigid, ice covered landscape of Northern Canada and Alaska, the Inuits remain warm beneath parkas of hide. Warm and…tan. Despite

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Going all the way back to the ’30s, I scoured hundreds upon hundreds of comics to find the most jaw-dropping examples of racial intolerance by Earth’s mightiest heroes.

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Free pictures of Inuit people in the present day, along with an account of their traditional way of life and how contact with the modern world has affected it.

One of this summer’s most unique Canada 150 items is a maple leaf so tiny that it’s not even visible to the naked eye.

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