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back home . period officer uniform. examples . items owned by. officers . service dress coat. uniform . winter usaf blue shade 84. service dress. 1949 – 1965 . after

• To Wear Khaki, or Not To Wear Khaki – Green Web Equipment in WWII. by Sean Foster • How to Pick a Unit – My checklist of questions and ideas

The Embroidered Uniform Guard (simplified Chinese: 锦衣卫; traditional Chinese: 錦衣衛; pinyin: Jǐnyīwèi; literally: “brocade-clad guard”) was the imperial

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The history of the kilt stretches back to at least the end of the 16th century. The kilt first appeared as the belted plaid or great kilt, a full length garment whose

The Nursing profession has a long and glorious uniform tradition, which is daily being eroded by more and more Hospitals and NHS Trusts dressing their Nurses in polo

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Chronicling the history of NHL uniforms from the 1967-68 season to today.

Keeping the American Workplace Dressed for Over 80 Years

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Vote for the greatest uniform in NFL history. NFL.com’s self-proclaimed ‘Uniform Monitor’, Dave Dameshek, has picked the best current and throwback uniforms in

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