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Genevieve Cortese is the wife of “Supernatural” star Jared Padalecki. Read on for the facts on the couple, their ren, and how they got married.

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After two seasons of crime-solving on cult favorite Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, amateur detective Phryne Fisher has assembled a found family, solved a

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The 2014 Pacific typhoon season was a slightly below average season, featuring 23 tropical storms, 11 typhoons and 8 super typhoons. The season’s peak months August

I have said it before and I will say it over and over –if we are not living in the days which Christ promised to shorten for the sake of the elect, then I fear what

An informative and historical overview of the Southeast region of Missouri on CD of the full 1888 Goodspeed mans History of Southeast Missouri plus the full 2

In a selection from his biography of Barack Obama, David Maraniss interviews both the president and Genevieve Cook—the “mystery woman” of Obama’s New York days.

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Le pseudonyme « de Fontenay » aurait été utilisé par Louis Poirot (mort le 16 mars 1981), son compagnon déjà deux fois divorcé, et père de ses enfants, en

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And as was the custom of the time, the I Love Lucy star was barely allowed to even look like she was carrying a .

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